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Teen and Child Pregnancy Prevention

Identify and reduce child and teen pregnancy rates in mothers 8- 17 in Texas.

By Honorine Perera


PROBLEM 1.) In 2019 the CDC reported that in Texas 24 babies are born per 1000 females, which is the equivalent of one baby born once every 22 minutes to a teen mom


PROBLEM 2.) Racial disparity is a main cause of teen pregnancy. With sexual education gaps between races and lack of preventive resources cause pregnancy rates in minority groups to become high.

PROBLEM 3.) Poverty is another causal issue of teen unwanted pregnancy.


  • Preventing and reduce Texas teen pregnancy rates to provide opportunity

  • Teach both abstinence and safe sexual education programs to empower teens and children to make educated decisions about their health and futures

  • Identify and narrow communication and culture barriers

  • Mend racial disparity in conceptive


Funding by state and district for private/public funding. Estimated budget $1000 on students.


  • Teach both abstinence and safe sexual education 2 -week programs

  • Decrease sexual stigma through existing programs such as Worth the Wait to increase safety in sex

  • Increase health precautions such as sexual contraptions (condoms, birth control)

  • Teach the stages and signs of pregnancy, stages of child development, stages and signs of puberty, stages of the menstrual cycle, stages and signs of prostate cancer, cervix cancer, ovarian cancer, and anatomy of males and females

  • Create a safe nondiscriminatory sexual education environment for students with a professional.

  • Teach about STD’s, STI’s, rape, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and other forms of non-consensual/illegal sexual violations: human sex trafficking, child pornography, and etc.

  • Encourage young men and women to take care of their health with routine gynecologist and pediatrician visits.

  • Provide information on assault and abuse/trafficking help lines to students

  • Provide confidentiality and privacy for students in sex education

  • Engage parents in reviewing lessons with students

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